Board Of Directors

Chairman - Paul Savery

Executive Director - Lauren Perchard-Rees

Director / Oncologist - Sivasithamparam Himayakanthan

Director of Sustainability - Catherine Cooke

Finance Director - Michelle Fielding

Director of Fundraising & Strategy - Mark Hucker

Director of Communications - Danielle Pearse

Director of Governance - Scott Le Flour

Director of HR - Tina Stuchfield

Director (Macmillan UK) - Chris Scally

Our values

We are professional and welcoming.

We treat everyone with kindness.

We put the individual at the core of all we do.
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Volunteers fulfil many roles in the charity, from providing counselling and complementary therapies to being the first friendly face you meet when you come to The Oasis, Macmillan Jersey’s cancer support and wellbeing centre.

They are also vital to projects behind the scenes, from fundraising to supporting our strategic planning.


Do you operate the same services as Macmillan in the UK

Do we get funding from the States of Jersey?

Do you have nurses at The Oasis?