A charity with inclusivity at its heart


On International Women’s Day, Macmillan Jersey pays tribute to some of the females leading its work

TO mark International Women’s Day, we would like to focus on and celebrate the incredible contribution the women within our organisation make every day.

At Macmillan Jersey, we don’t just celebrate this contribution on one day, we celebrate it every single day. This year, we are supporting the International Women’s Day theme of #embraceequity. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities.

At Macmillan Jersey, we fully embrace an inclusive world, where everyone has equal opportunities to reach their aspirations. In February last year, our board of directors appointed our now chief executive Stephanie Gibaut.

Stephanie had been with the charity for four years previously, working within an operational and income role. The board, alongside the previous chief executive, worked on a succession plan over several years and, through Stephanie’s dedication and additional study, the charity was thrilled to appoint her.

Danielle Pearse, who volunteers time on the charity’s board of directors, said: ‘Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey’s continued equality and development regarding an all-inclusive workplace was further highlighted last year when the charity gained the menopause-friendly workplace accreditation from the Diversity Network.

‘As one of several women who donate their time to the charity at board level, I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic and charity-focused group of professionals to help ensure Macmillan Jersey is there to provide emotional, practical and wellbeing support to anyone in Jersey affected by cancer.’

At Macmillan Jersey, it is so important that we retain our incredibly talented team of staff and volunteers. At the very heart of our charity are the people we support. To ensure the best level of support, we must have consistency through the service we deliver.

Therefore, we make it our mission to retain our wonderful team. We invest time in each team member to ensure we are enabling them to succeed at their aspirations. Often this is through upskilling, flexibility and consistent service standards.

Stephanie says: ‘I feel extremely fortunate to have been appointed as Macmillan Jersey’s chief executive and am very proud to lead a team of incredible individuals. Throughout my working career, I have been inspired by so many wonderful women. Starting work as a Saturday girl at a local newsagent, I was led by a wonderful woman whom I still bump into today.

‘This theme continued throughout my working career and I have found immense inspiration in the strong women I have been led by. So many of their leadership skills remain with me today and prevail in my own leadership. Leading my team at Macmillan Jersey is an absolute privilege and I hope I can inspire my own team to feel the way I have about the women leaders I have encountered.’

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