Help us change lives with donations through payroll

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Donate to Macmillan Jersey directly from your salary

By setting up Payroll Giving you can help us support people in Jersey affected by cancer.

Payroll Giving is a scheme run by your employer, which allows you to give a charitable donation to Macmillan Jersey (or any charity) through your salary. Your donation should automatically stop when you leave your employer.

It is a much easier way to give, as you can spread how much you donate across the year and know exactly when you will donate.

If the amount over the year is £50 or more the donation will qualify as a lump sum donation, and Macmillan Jersey will get an additional 25p for every £1 you donate.

Below is an example of how a £10 monthly donation can help changes lives:

- you set up a £10 monthly donation from your salary, from January to December.
- your employer sends the total amount (£120) to Macmillan Jersey at the end of the year.
- due to the total amount being over £50, the donation will qualify as a 'lump sum donation'.
- Macmillan Jersey will receive your £120, plus an additional £30 from the Taxes Office

Your payroll will still provide your gross income (the amount before the charity deduction) to the Taxes Office and this is also the amount you must declare on your annual tax return.

For more information and to talk to us about Payroll Giving - email today

Click the link below to download the payroll donation scheme form.