Practical Information

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Our information library

Whether you have a diagnosis, or are worried about cancer, at Macmillan Jersey we will listen and help you.

We have a wide range of information, including leaflets, DVDs and CDs. We also have a library of books that you can take away or borrow. The most popular information taken by people using our services includes: talking to children, healthy eating and recipes, coping with tiredness, and how to support and talk to someone diagnosed with cancer.

We can let you know about all the professionals, services and support groups who can help you, both locally and in the UK. If you prefer to find information online we recommend you visit the local website and the national Macmillan website, Cancer Research UK and Patient Info.

A cancer diagnosis can bring all kinds of unexpected expenses. For example, you may have to pay for travel to and from the UK, doctors’ bills and child care. There can be some challenges, especially when you factor in the possibility of taking time off work.

We have access to Macmillan UK grants that are means tested, and we can let you know where to go for additional financial support.

You may be worried about things like your States benefits, or making sure your social security is covered during treatment. The Citizens Advice Bureau (Jersey) is on hand to answer all these types of questions. You can contact them on 0800 735 0249 or visit their CAB website or visit

Treatment and side-effects

No two people’s treatment and side-effects are the same, and it can be overwhelming when you are first told your treatment plan. We have the time and access to up-to-date medical information to help you understand what’s going on. We can also help you ask the right questions when talking to your medical team.

Going to the UK for treatment

If you, or someone you are supporting, has to spend time in the UK for appointments or treatment, we have information about the main referral hospitals, accommodation and some ideas for how you might spend your time there, aside from hospital visits.

Lifestyle and healthy eating

Many people with cancer look to make changes to how they eat. There is a lot of inaccurate and unhelpful information available, but we can help find an approach which is right for you. Our resources include recipe books and cancer-specific nutritional information.

Regular physical activity can make you feel better in many ways, whether you are used to exercise or not. Physical activity can vary from walking and gardening to fitness classes at the gym. There are many benefits for your physical and emotional wellbeing, and we can help you find what suits you. We have exercise DVDs, free weekly exercise classes and we can refer you to a variety of groups and classes.